Todd Jersey Architecture

1201 San Pablo Avenue


1201 San Pablo is an entitled 27 unit residential/commercial mixed use building proposed for the southeast corner of San Pablo Avenue and Harrison Street in the Gilman District in Berkeley. The project has an active use permit (#05-10000029) which was granted October 25, 2006. The project was entitled under the original designer Don Mill Architect and is now being readied for a building permit and construction by Todd Jersey Architecture, Inc. The owner of the project is the JianYi Investment Development Inc. from Beijing who has a local office in Santa Clara, CA. JianYi is an innovative developer constructing projects in China with attention to exacting efficiency and attention to detail. This project will showcase some of the building systems JianYi uses so successfully abroad such as combining bolted and braced steel frame structures coupled with lightweight concrete partitions and panels. The JianYi group also has a commitment to deploying the latest in green building technology and this project will seek LEED Gold or higher certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). A main feature of this project is the vertical courtyard in the center of the project. This vertical courtyard is designed to provide light and air to the inner facing bedrooms and to the kitchens and also act as a social space for fair weather impromptu and spontaneous socializing amongst neighbors, something interior corridor based circulation is not conducive to.