Todd Jersey Architecture

Arnold Acres


This project is a “Contemporary Homestead" where the ecology of the land is enhanced rather than diminished by the development of the site. Located in rural Sonoma County between Railroad Avenue and Arnold Avenue, northeast of Sonoma Golf Club, the site is zoned RR. This zoning allows for the development of the three buildings that we proposed to fulfill this owners property needs, which include a primary residence of 6,285 sq.ft, an accessory dwelling of 1,397 sq.ft. and a 2,960 sq.ft. barn. The project design is informed by modern rural design influences including the “red barn” that embeds this project well into the Sonoma landscape.

Designed at very high green building standards - well beyond minimal requirements - the project itself will be “net zero,” generating the same amount of energy that it uses. The two residences have been designed to “passive house” standards for optimal energy efficiency. The landscape design will enhance the ecology of the land through organic soil building practices and by capturing storm water on site. Some of this storm water will be encouraged to percolate to subsoils, thereby recharging the site groundwater, while overflow will be stored at the surface to be used during the summer for landscape irrigation. Trees and vegetation will be selected for either food production or for the enhancement of habitat for native species.

This project is currently under construction. We’ll post new photos as this project unfolds.