Todd Jersey Architecture

Mariner Square


The programmatic vision for this site is to combine the shared economy concepts of coliving and coworking in one project. Both models are proven and gaining more popularity but are rarely combined.blending these emergent sharing concepts will allow for synergy between the two, adding greater ties between shared living and working spaces which create almost unlimited levels of economic and social connections to the already socially vibrant platforms. This shared live and work model promises to encourage more walking, less driving and a much greater level of social interaction and cooperative relationships.
Our coliving concept is one developed in collaboration with open door development, inc., one of the pioneers of the coliving movement. The basic concept behind coliving is to create living communities where residents have private bedrooms and share the kitchen, dinning, living rooms and other amenities. in larger newer projects, there are several communities organized around the idea of a pod. The ideal size of the pod is from 10-16 bedrooms which share the common spaces. The pods are curated often around themes. a pod leader is chosen who then creates a vision for the community and potential residents are interviewed for compatibility with this vision. Coliving pods can and do tend to be organized around themes such as music lovers, pet owners, seniors, social entrepreneurs etc.