Todd Jersey Architecture




An early innovator in designing projects with both people and earth care in mind, Todd Jersey Architecture (TJA) leads the way in sustainable, cost-effective design, creating some of California’s most beautiful, comfortable and ecologically sound projects. With over 30 years of experience, Todd’s approach integrates budget considerations with sustainable methods, strategies, materials and systems to eliminate the need to choose between designing/building sustainably - and beautiful, affordable design. TJA’s clients share his passion of harnessing the power and efficiency of sustainability and benefit from the approach.

TJA’s over 300 projects include many works that have received wide acclaim for excellence in design. From home new construction to residential remodels, commercial tenant improvements to new multi-family housing, non-profit to commercial and institutional projects, Todd’s intrinsic design curiosity and deep expertise flexes across all of these projects.

TJA’s designs take into consideration all aspects of successful architectural design - the physical and social project context, environmental footprint, budget constraints, client dreams and program needs, as well as city zoning, design review and permitting and inspection. Having built projects in municipalities throughout the Bay Area and beyond, he is adept at navigating city requirements and processes leading to successfully built projects.

Todd’s keen eye towards cost reduction from start to finish has enabled the building of projects that were thought to be outside of budget availability. Cost-control approaches embedded in the design process and Todd’s building experience - uncommon for architects - ensures informed collaboration with the builder during the design process and through to completion. Todd’s early passion for design and building evidenced in his apprenticeship with a master carpenter from ages 16 to 21. His architecture studies then took him to Italy and the Netherlands where he furthered his design skills. An accomplished artist, he brings his intrinsic and studied eye for beauty and form to every project.

Todd is as passionate about sustainable design as he is about preservation of historic structures. The blending of these two passions created the widely acclaimed and one of the nation’s best examples of green historic preservation, the restoration and renovation of the venerable Richmond Plunge. TJA’s projects have been featured in Sunset, Natural Home and Preservation magazine and have received numerous awards and recognitions.

Featured in ‘Preservation Magazine’