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Todd Jersey

As a budding architect and ecological designer, Todd Jersey began designing and building at 10 years old. His first experiments in solar hot water were in 1970 when he was 12. Remaining curious, innovative and protective of the earth, Mr. Jersey has spent the last 30 years designing and building some of California's most beautiful and sustainable projects including the world's first LEED Gold hotel and the nation's greenest and healthiest indoor pool, the historic Richmond Plunge.

Between 2007-2012, during a downturn in the construction industry, Mr. Jersey was busy creating a new commercial/residential mixed-use prototype called Collaborative Housing and becoming an expert in urban mobility and parking issues to decrease the impact of the automobile on urban infill sites. This work has informed the many urban infill projects currently underway at Todd Jersey Architecture.

In 2012, Mr. Jersey joined CyberTran International Inc. as the head of planning and architecture for a new ultra-light rail transit (ULRT) system called CyberTran®. Mr. Jersey is working with CyberTran on the design of the newest generation of vehicle and station design as well as planning out system routes and Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) at the new CyberTran® stations.


Remya Shankar

Remya holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India, is a certified Passive House Designer, and and a LEED Green Associate. She enjoys working on multiple facets of a project. She has a keen interest for residential architecture and is constantly looking at opportunities to add to her knowledge of sustainable design practices.

Prior to joining Todd Jersey Architecture, Remya worked in the Middle East and India for over eight years, which provided a diverse learning experience. She handled a variety of projects in an end-end role and continues to expand her knowledge base in the field. Besides architecture, Remya loves to organize events and currently volunteers with AIASF for their mentorship program.



Shivani Bhalla

Shivani graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, acquiring a Masters degree in Interior Architecture & Adaptive Reuse (Post Professional degree). As part of the program, she participated in a study abroad program where she explored Scandinavian design while travelling around Denmark, Sweden and Finland. She previously received her Bachelors degree in Architecture and is a licensed architect with the Council of Architecture, India. She is also an associate member of the Indian Institute of Architects. She is presently preparing for LEED.

Shivani was selected to pursue an internship during her master's program with architect John T.Pugh in Boston where she focused on master planning and spatial layout. She also worked as a full-time architectural designer at SK+I Architecture in Washington, D.C., focusing on multi-family housing and retail design. She has also gained work experience as a Senior Architect/Junior Partner with SDB Consultants, India having 60+ years experience and responsible for many landmark buildings in the country.

Working with distinguished clients like the Ford Foundation, American School and United Nations, Shivani has gained experience in office space design, client communication, concept-to-build form and project management.

She plans to integrate her 7+ years of work experience and education to positively contribute to the growing design and construction industry of the San Francisco Bay Area and India by promoting a "global design initiative."



Alex Mehrer

Alex graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. During his studies, he participated in a variety of diverse internships – the first, trying his hand in commercial design in Southern California, and the second, in retail and food service in central Ohio. His third internship was in sustainable architecture at Todd Jersey Architecture and he is excited to be back as full-time member of the TJA team.

During his capstone year, Alex was elected to join a study abroad experience, traveling throughout central Europe to a myriad of cities such as Vienna, Prague, and Zurich, examining urban form, ideas of public space, and how the city can give back to its people.

Alex has worked on several low-income housing projects in and out of his education and believes strongly in the power of architecture to uplift and support communities. He strives to make an impact with his work.


Krupali Ahir

Krupali holds a Master of Architecture RIBA (Royal Institute British Architects) Part II degree from Leicester School of Architecture, UK and Bachelor’s degree of Architecture from The University of Mumbai with license to practice in India. Prior to her Masters, she has worked for 2 years at H.M.J Architects which involved high rise residential, single family and cultural projects. She was primarily involved in the conceptual, detailed designs and on-site coordination with clients and consultants.

She is interested in exploring the computational techniques in architectural design, digital fabrication and physical /digital models. At Todd Jersey Architecture, Krupali brings in her unique digital design concepts with innovative use of materials and forms. Krupali is a team player and personally enjoys traveling and photography.



She serves as the human resources manager and has been awarded ‘best office dog’ by all who know her. Her main task is welcoming clients and consultants during project meetings. She loves long walks and is also a big Warriors fan!