Todd Jersey Architecture




Todd Jersey is top tier…

As general building contractors, we have worked alongside Todd and his firm for more than 10 years on multiple projects.
I find his firm to: produce cutting edge design, give careful thought to client's needs and desires, possess a commitment to sustainability, have practical sense concerning the budget, be attentive to important construction details and do all of this in a good natured and open fashion. I have worked with about 100 architects and designers in my career and Todd Jersey is top tier.

— Janver Holly

Todd Jersey and his staff have been incredible!

I can't find enough words to describe how efficient, professional, helpful, available they have been. I am in the process of converting my in home daycare into a center and needed an architect to draw up my plans for the project. Not only have they done that, but they've also been honest and extremely helpful in the long process this has become. I am overtly appreciative of all they have done and continue to do. I would recommend them to anyone, they are truly wonderful people to have helping out.

— Cecy Plaza

“The most amazing architect ever. I have been working with Todd for a couple of years now and continue to be impressed with his dedication, creativity and resourcefulness.”

— Lorna Jaynes

Fun and professional the entire time they worked with us!.”

Todd Jersey Architecture was able to help us with our project quickly and efficiently. Todd and his team were a pleasure to work with. Fun and professional the entire time they worked with us!
We continue to use Todd and the team for any future projects.

— Elvis McGovern


Get ready for an adventure.

Todd Jersey is no ordinary architect. Once Todd gets involved in a project, besides the standard design and drafting, Todd takes a personal interest in the envisioning of the use of space beyond traditional thinking and brings to the planning arena an unusually heightened business savvy and commitment to living lightly on the planet in a sustainable way. My experience working with Todd for over two years now on two challenging historic restoration projects in the midwest is that he generates high quality work, is extremely efficient, is a great team player, readily available, honors commitments, and has an abundance of integrity in his business dealings. Plus, he is a lot of fun to work with and laughter is often the order of the day. Todd is so passionate about what he does and that it is extremely contagious. Also, his support staff mirror his commitment to excellence and client service and work tirelessly to get the job down in a timely fashion. Todd is a keeper, big time.  Get ready for an adventure.

— Mitchell G.

“It's his passion and it shows.”

I've always admired Todd Jersey's commitment to environmental sustainability and watched with wonder as the whole Plunge project took shape. Talk about being faithful to the original vision of the builders while bringing the best of contemporary technology into play!

Lately, his additional focus on how buildings affect a sense of community has really been coming to the fore. Todd has a real vision for improving how we all live together; he's on the forefront of how public and private space will be designed in a world growing less and less dependent on cars and fossil fuels in general. It's his passion, and it shows.

— Rob D.

He is always excited about projects involving social responsibility and has been a great mentor to me.

I've known Todd for two years and he is an amazing person with a lot of wisdom and experience. Having worked with him on a couple of projects on historic restoration and transit systems, I was amazed by the patience with which he pursues his dreams. He is always excited about projects involving social responsibility and has been a great mentor to me. A visit to his studio and a talk to him is all one needs to experience the passion he has for his work after so many years of professional life.

— Siddharth P.